3D Niche at WID Town Center

The 3D Niche is located on the first floor of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery (WID).  WID is an inter-discplinary research building funded both publicly and privately.  Beyond the research being done at WID, a main focus of the building is education and outreach.  The entire first floor of WID is open to the public and meant to aid public understanding of scientific research performed at WID and throughout the UW-Madison campus.

The 3D Niche is one of three education niches in the Town Center.  The aim of the 3D Niche, which houses a microscope, a macroscope, and a 3D printer, is to introduce visitors to the benefits of using 3D images and models in scentific exploration.  The high-resolution Nikon microscope allows for visualization of common research samples such as cells, nervous systems of fruit flies, or plant parts.  The lower-resolution Nikon macroscope with a moveable stage built by Prairie Technologies provides detailed pictures of larger objects such as rocks, fossils, or dollar bills.  The 3D printer is used to build 3D models of any image provided via software.  These images can be graphic designs from artists or pictures of objects taken from the microscope itself.

As the 3D Niche establishes itself as a teaching tool at the WID Town Center, rotating displays and live demonstrations will introduce visitors to a wide variety of scientific research including biology, chemistry, botany, and other science disciplines.

To use the 3D Niche system, email Kevin Elicieri.

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