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FluoroLog FL3-22
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The Fluorolog-3-22 (JY Horiba Inc.) is a spectrofluorometer consisting of a 450 W xenon arc lamp, a double excitation monochromator, a sample compartment with a cuvette holder, a double emission monochromator, and a photomultiplier tube (PMT). A fiber-optic probe can be coupled to the sample compartment such that spectroscopic measurements can be made remotely. Although the spectrofluorometer has been designed for fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence (as either an excitation or emission spectrum) as well as reflectance spectra (in synchronous scan mode) can be measured. The adjustable variables are excitation wavelength(s) and emission wavelength(s), excitation and emission slit widths, sampling increment, integration time, and collection geometry (front face versus right angle collection).


Technical details:

  • excitation source: 450 W Xe lamp
  • monochromators (excitation emission): f/3.6 Czeny-Turner, double grating, all reflective optics
  • diffraction gratings: classically ruled, 1200 tr/mm; blaze 330nm (MEx) and 500nm (MEm)
  • emission signal detector: at room tempe-rature-R928P side-on photomultiplier tube (180-850nm); 
  • software package: FluorEssence 2.0 (powered by Origin 7.5)


  • excitation range: 240-600nm
  • emission range: 290-850 nm
  • photomultiplier response linearity: 2x106 cps (in photon counting mode)
  • reference detector: stabilized Si photodiode (200-980nm)  
  • dispersion (double grating monochromatore): 2.1 nm/mm
  • slit settings (bandpass): 0-15 nm
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