Imaris is a scientific software program designed by Bitplane that allows for visualization, analysis, and interpretation of microscopy data.  Imaris can be used to analyze both large (50 GB or more) 3D and 4D multi-channel images. 

The program is designed for the life sciences and can decrease the amount of time spent interpreting and optimizing data.  Large data sets can be segmented to identify and visualize individual ojects, and Imaris MeasurementPro can be used to obtain statistical information.

There are three Imaris Work Stations available for use.  However, due to the license restrictions, only one station can be used at a time.  To reserve a time to use one of the Imaris Work Stations, see the Calendar link below.

There are Imaris Work Stations (all PCs) in three different locations on campus:

  1. LOCI: Animal Sciences, 1675 Observatory Drive
  2. Paul Campagnola Lab: Engineering Centers Building, 1500 Engineering Drive
  3. Kate O'Connor-Giles Lab: 401 Bock Labs, 1525 Linden Driv


The following features are available within the Imaris program:

  • Premier Volume Rendering
  • Surfaces, Segmentation and Interaction
  • Spots, Segmentation and Interaction
  • Interactive, Intuitive Navigation and Selection
  • Smart Handling of Huge Images
  • Animations and Movies
  • Multithreading and Advanced Computer Graphics
  • Image Editing
  • Time
  • Calibration
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