LOCI confocal at BOCK

Basic Information
Prairie Technologies
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Multi-purpose Three Channel Confocal
Confocal microscope


This Multi-purpose Three Channel Confocal was designed and built by Prairie Technologies on a Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted microscope. The confocal microscope is a modular system based on the core galvanometer imaging module found in other Prairie confocals.

Researchers can customize their experiments with an automated 9-pinhole aperture (pinhole size ranging from 30 mm – 2000 mm), filter wheels for each of the three detection channels, and 4-position automated dichroic holders. This system has a photoactivation module along with uncaging/photoactivation optics for simultaneous imaging and photoactivation/uncaging experiments. The motorized stage allows for the automated collection of data at multiple sample locations. This confocal is also capable of reflectance confocal imaging with the 515 nm laser.

Advanced Information
Other Features: 


Excitation Sources:

  • Epifluorescence: TxRed, FITC, DAPI
  • Lasers: 405, 488, 515, 561, 643

Imaging dichroics:

Detectors: Three channel PMT

Nikon Objectives (Lenses):

  • 10X, N.A.: 0.30, Plan Fluor, W.D. 16
  • 20X, N.A.: 0.75, PlanApo VC, W.D. 1.0
  • 40X, N.A.: 1.0, PlanApo, W.D. 0.16, Oil
  • 60X, N.A.: 1.40, PlanApo VC, W.D. 0.13, Oil
  • 100X, N.A.: 1.40, PlanApo VC, W.D. 0.13, Oil

Other Features:

  • PrairieView imaging software with photoactivation module
  • Uncaging/photoactivation optics
  • Automated x-y stage
Location Information
427A Bock Laboratories, 1525 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706
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