Prairie Swept-Field Confocal

Basic Information
Prairie Technologies
Swept-field confocal microscope


The Swept-Field Confocal (SFC) was designed and built by Prairie Technologies in Middleton, WI and is placed on a Nikon Eclipse TE200 base.  It brings together high spatial resolution and high temporal resolution in a single confocal microscope while eliminating many of the limitations of traditional point-scanning confocal systems. 

The SFC utilizes both pinhole and slit imaging in a single system allowing quick acquisition times and minimizing photobleaching and phototoxicity.  Quick acquisition times allow for recording of biological responses such as rapid exocytosis of vesicles that may be missed on other systems.

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Advanced Information
Other Features: 

Prairie View imaging software - For the Prairie View manual, please visit the Prairie website here.

Emission filters:

Location Information
Animal Sciences, 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706
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