Prairie Ultima Intravital Multiphoton

Basic Information
Prairie Technologies
Name/Model #: 
Prairie Ultima IV
Multiphoton Microscope for In Vivo Research


The IV Multiphoton was built by Prairie Technologies in Middleton, WI.  It is especially useful for in vivo research but can be used for a variety of multiphoton applications.  The stage is separate from the microscope setup and can be removed to allow for additional clearance under the lenses; up to 13 inches of space under the objective lens allows for visualization of medium-sized organisms.  A brightfield light can be used to locate an area of interest, and a substage detector allows for direction-dependent polarization experiments.

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Advanced Information
Other Features: 
  • Variable height XY stage, minimum 0.3 um increments
  • Z-motor, 25 mm travel, 0.1 um step
  • Prairie View imaging software - For the Prairie View manual, please visit the Prairie website here.
Location Information
Animal Sciences, 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706
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