Optical Instrumentation Researchers at UW-Madison

Nader Behdad (Assoc Professor ECE) behdad@engr.wisc.edu he does long-wavelength (RF), but the principles are the same, Expert in the areas of Applied Electromagnetics, Antennas, RF/Microwave Systems, Biolgical Applications of Microwaves, and Wireless Systems, Components, and Sub-Systems

John Boffard (Associate Scientist, Physics) jboffard@wisc.edu biophysics and condensed matter physics

*Victor Brar (will be Physics) vbrar@caltech.edu plasmonics, solid state physics, device physics

Matt Bershady, (Professor, Astronomy, L&S) mab@astro.wisc.edu astronomical instrumentation, spectroscopy

Dan Botez (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) botez@engr.wisc.edu fabrication of photonic devices, lasers

Weibo Cai (Assoc. Professor, Medical Physics and Radiology) wcai@uwhealth.org multimodality optical imaging

Paul Campagnola (Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics) pcampagnola@wisc.edu nonlinear optics, biophotonics approaches, imaging collagen changes

Sylvia Cavagnero (Professor, Chemistry) cavagnero@chem.wisc.edu high-res protein folding, lasers enhanced NMR, in vivo protein folding

Baron Chanda (Assoc Professor, Neuroscience) chanda@wisc.edu molecular mechanisms underlying voltage channels

Fleming Crim (Professor, Chemistry) fchrim@chem.wisc.edu UV-VIS-IR, photoisomerization, velocity map imaging

Daniel Denhartog (Senior scientist, Plasma Physics) djdenhar@wisc.edu high-energy lasers

Kevin Eliceiri (Director, Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation) elicieri@wisc.edu nonlinear optics and optic image analysis

Paul Evans (Professor, Material science and Engineering) evans@engr.wisc.edu X-ray generator and diffractometer, UHV scanning probe microscope

*Robert Farrell (will be ECE, currently: rmf@engr.ucsb.edu)

Jaal Ghandi (Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Wisconsin Energy Institute) ghandi@engr.wisc.edu visible and ultraviolet pulsed lasers

Randall Goldsmith (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) rhg@chem.wisc.edu spectroscopy, mapping energy landscapes

Padma Gopalan (Professor, MSE) pgopalan@wisc.edu photonic devices and materials,

*Mohit Gupta (Research Scientist, Assistant Professor CS) mohitg@cs.columbia.edu HDR imaging,  computational cameras

Susan Hagness (Professor, ECE) hagness@engr.wisc.edu computational and experimental applied bioelectromagnetics

Aaron Hoskins (Assistant Professor, Biochemistry) ahoskins@wisc.edu Co-localization Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Hongrui Jiang, (Assoc. Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) biological and optical MicroElectoMechanicalSystems (MEMS)

Song Jin (Professor, Chemistry) jin@chem.wisc.edu synthesis-structure-property relationships in material chemistry

*Frank Keutsch (Asst. Professor, Chemistry) keutsch@chem.wisc.edu ultraviolet fiber laser

Thomas Kuech (Professor, CBE) kuech@engr.wisc.edu nanoscale patterning

Max Lagally (Professor, MSE) lagally@engr.wisc.edu X-ray absorption spectroscopy and photoemission electron microscopy

Chiu-Tai Law (Assoc. Professor, UW-Milwaukee EE) lawc@uwm.edu wave propagation in optical communicat n, non-linear optical devices, optical switching and computing

Jim Lawler (Professor, Atomic Physics) jelawler@wisc.edu ultraviolet spectroscopic instrumentation

Xiaochun Li (Professor, Mechanical Engineering) xcli@engr.wisc.edu embedded optic sensors

Chun C. Lin (Professor, Physics) cclin@wisc.edu optical emission cross sections

Jack Ma (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) mazq@engr.wisc.edu silicon nanophotonics

Rock Mackie (Professor-Med Physics, Director-Medical Physics Focus Area) trmackie@wisc.edu LOCI, diagnostic X-ray imaging, WICMIC, MRI

Arash Mafi (Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, UW-Milwaukee) mafi@uwm.edu photnics, wave-guided optics

*Rob Marsland (Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering) high-speed photoreceivers

Luke Mawst (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) mawst@engr.wisc.edu fabrication of photonic devices

Leon McCaughan (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) mccaughan@engr@wisc.edu THz generation from near-IR

Edwin Mierkiewicz (Assoc. Scientist, Astronomy) emierk@astro.wisc.edu interference spectroscopy

Marshall Onellion (Professor, Physics) onellion@wisc.edu Ultrafast Optics

Ramin Pashaie (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, UW Milwaukee) pashaie@uwm.edu optics and photonics in neuroscience

Vali Raicu (Professor, Physics, UW Milwaukee) vraicu@uwm.edu Spectral fluorescence imaging, non-linear laser spectroscopy

Mahsa Ranji (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, UW-Milwaukee) ranji@uwm.edu biophotonics, bio-nstrumentation, fluorescence imaging, optical tissue diagnosis, optics and electromagnetics

Fred Roesler (Professor Emeritus, Physics) roesler@physics.wisc.edu optical remote sensing, interference spectroscopy

Jeremy Rogers (Assistant Professor BME) jdrodgers@northwestern.edu design of fiber optic probes for in vivo clinical trials, stray light reduction in endoscopic instruments

Bas Rokers (Assistant Professor, Psychology) rokers@wisc.edu neural mechanisms underlying visual perception

Dave Rothamer (Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering) rothamer@wisc.edu visible and ultraviolet pulsed lasers

Mark Saffman (Professor, Physics) msaffman@wisc.edu quantum optics, nonlinear optics

Scott Sanders (Assoc. Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering) stsanders@wisc.edu near-infrared absorption spectroscopy

David Schwartz (Professor, Chemistry and Genetics) dcschwartz@wisc.edu fluorescence instrumentation for optical mapping

Leon Shohet (Professor, ECE) shohet@engr.wisc.edu biomaterials and directed differentiation of stem cells

Dan van der Weide (Professor, ECE) danvdw@engr.wisc.edu scanned probe microscopy, localized spectroscopy of biological electronic systems

Andreas Velten (Assistant Scientist, Medical Devices Group LOCI) avelten@morgridge.org Time of Flight Imaging, Computational Optics

Thad Walker (Professor, Physics) tgwalker@wisc.edu Optical Traps

Jim Weisshaar (Professor, Chemistry) weisshaar@chem.wisc.edu quantitative microscopy

Marsha Wolf (Asst. Scientist, Astronomy) mwolf@astro.wisc.edu astronomical instrumentation, spectroscopy

John Wright (Professor, Chemistry) ultrafast lasers

Deniz Yavuz (Assoc. Professor, Physics) yavuz@wisc.edu quantum, nonlinear, and ultrafast optics

Zongfu Yu (Professor, ECE) zyu54@wisc.edu optical technologies for energy conversion, imaging/sensing, and communication

Martin Zanni (Assoc. Professor, Chemistry) zanni@chem.wisc.edu ultrafast lasers, spectroscopy