Nader Behdad (Assoc Professor ECE) he does long-wavelength (RF), but the principles are the same, Expert in the areas of Applied Electromagnetics, Antennas, RF/Microwave Systems, Biolgical Applications of Microwaves, and Wireless Systems, Components, and Sub-Systems

John Boffard (Associate Scientist, Physics) biophysics and condensed matter physics

*Victor Brar (will be Physics) plasmonics, solid state physics, device physics

Matt Bershady, (Professor, Astronomy, L&S) astronomical instrumentation, spectroscopy

Dan Botez (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) fabrication of photonic devices, lasers

Weibo Cai (Assoc. Professor, Medical Physics and Radiology) multimodality optical imaging

Paul Campagnola (Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics) nonlinear optics, biophotonics approaches, imaging collagen changes

Sylvia Cavagnero (Professor, Chemistry) high-res protein folding, lasers enhanced NMR, in vivo protein folding

Baron Chanda (Assoc Professor, Neuroscience) molecular mechanisms underlying voltage channels

Fleming Crim (Professor, Chemistry) UV-VIS-IR, photoisomerization, velocity map imaging

Daniel Denhartog (Senior scientist, Plasma Physics) high-energy lasers

Kevin Eliceiri (Director, Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation) nonlinear optics and optic image analysis

Paul Evans (Professor, Material science and Engineering) X-ray generator and diffractometer, UHV scanning probe microscope

*Robert Farrell (will be ECE, currently:

Jaal Ghandi (Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Wisconsin Energy Institute) visible and ultraviolet pulsed lasers

Randall Goldsmith (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) spectroscopy, mapping energy landscapes

Padma Gopalan (Professor, MSE) photonic devices and materials,

*Mohit Gupta (Research Scientist, Assistant Professor CS) HDR imaging,  computational cameras

Susan Hagness (Professor, ECE) computational and experimental applied bioelectromagnetics

Aaron Hoskins (Assistant Professor, Biochemistry) Co-localization Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Hongrui Jiang, (Assoc. Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) biological and optical MicroElectoMechanicalSystems (MEMS)

Song Jin (Professor, Chemistry) synthesis-structure-property relationships in material chemistry

*Frank Keutsch (Asst. Professor, Chemistry) ultraviolet fiber laser

Thomas Kuech (Professor, CBE) nanoscale patterning

Max Lagally (Professor, MSE) X-ray absorption spectroscopy and photoemission electron microscopy

Chiu-Tai Law (Assoc. Professor, UW-Milwaukee EE) wave propagation in optical communicat n, non-linear optical devices, optical switching and computing

Jim Lawler (Professor, Atomic Physics) ultraviolet spectroscopic instrumentation

Xiaochun Li (Professor, Mechanical Engineering) embedded optic sensors

Chun C. Lin (Professor, Physics) optical emission cross sections

Jack Ma (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) silicon nanophotonics

Rock Mackie (Professor-Med Physics, Director-Medical Physics Focus Area) LOCI, diagnostic X-ray imaging, WICMIC, MRI

Arash Mafi (Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, UW-Milwaukee) photnics, wave-guided optics

*Rob Marsland (Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering) high-speed photoreceivers

Luke Mawst (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) fabrication of photonic devices

Leon McCaughan (Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering) THz generation from near-IR

Edwin Mierkiewicz (Assoc. Scientist, Astronomy) interference spectroscopy

Marshall Onellion (Professor, Physics) Ultrafast Optics

Ramin Pashaie (Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, UW Milwaukee) optics and photonics in neuroscience

Vali Raicu (Professor, Physics, UW Milwaukee) Spectral fluorescence imaging, non-linear laser spectroscopy

Mahsa Ranji (Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, UW-Milwaukee) biophotonics, bio-nstrumentation, fluorescence imaging, optical tissue diagnosis, optics and electromagnetics

Fred Roesler (Professor Emeritus, Physics) optical remote sensing, interference spectroscopy

Jeremy Rogers (Assistant Professor BME) design of fiber optic probes for in vivo clinical trials, stray light reduction in endoscopic instruments

Bas Rokers (Assistant Professor, Psychology) neural mechanisms underlying visual perception

Dave Rothamer (Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering) visible and ultraviolet pulsed lasers

Mark Saffman (Professor, Physics) quantum optics, nonlinear optics

Scott Sanders (Assoc. Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering) near-infrared absorption spectroscopy

David Schwartz (Professor, Chemistry and Genetics) fluorescence instrumentation for optical mapping

Leon Shohet (Professor, ECE) biomaterials and directed differentiation of stem cells

Dan van der Weide (Professor, ECE) scanned probe microscopy, localized spectroscopy of biological electronic systems

Andreas Velten (Assistant Scientist, Medical Devices Group LOCI) Time of Flight Imaging, Computational Optics

Thad Walker (Professor, Physics) Optical Traps

Jim Weisshaar (Professor, Chemistry) quantitative microscopy

Marsha Wolf (Asst. Scientist, Astronomy) astronomical instrumentation, spectroscopy

John Wright (Professor, Chemistry) ultrafast lasers

Deniz Yavuz (Assoc. Professor, Physics) quantum, nonlinear, and ultrafast optics

Zongfu Yu (Professor, ECE) optical technologies for energy conversion, imaging/sensing, and communication

Martin Zanni (Assoc. Professor, Chemistry) ultrafast lasers, spectroscopy