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Animations describing microscopy techniques by Aprameya Mysore.

History of the Light Microscope

At the LOCI facility is the UW Microscopy Museum which is a collection of approximately eighty microscopes and other optical equipment of historical and research significance. The collection is available for viewing during normal business hours. Please contact Kevin Eliceiri for additional information.

Microscopy of Life

Microscopy of Life
Fall 2013 (3 Credits)

Biomedical Engineering 619
(Physics 619, Radiology 619, Anatomy 619, Chemistry 619, Medical Physics 619, Pharmacology 619)

WORM Initiative

Wisconsin Outreach Research Modules

The integration of diverse disciplines of scientific research is revolutionizing our understanding of biology. Advances in microscopy have enabled scientists to obtain a more thorough understanding of their field of study by complimenting their biochemical and genetic data.