Microscopy of Life

Microscopy of Life
Fall 2013 (3 Credits)

Biomedical Engineering 619
(Physics 619, Radiology 619, Anatomy 619, Chemistry 619, Medical Physics 619, Pharmacology 619)

sponsored by the UW Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation (LOCI), www.loci.wisc.edu

Paul Campagnola, pcampagnola@wisc.edu
Kevin Eliceiri, eliceiri@wisc.edu

Location: 1152 Mechanical Engineering (for all lectures)
Lecture: 1:20-2:10pm Tuesdays, Thursdays
Lab Section: 5:00pm-7:00pm Wednesdays (Locations are on campus and off campus tours)

Course Mailing List: microlife@loci.wisc.edu
Course Webpage: www.loci.wisc.edu/outreach/microscopyoflife
Course Materials: Learn@UW

Course Description:

Biological Imaging is a vast field ranging from single molecule imaging, electron microscopy, live cell imaging and fluorescence approaches to medical and diagnostic imaging techniques. In this survey class we will review many of the fundamental aspects of biological microscopy and biological and biomedical imaging in general. Students will be exposed to biological imaging research from across the UW and in lab tours take part in imaging and computational demonstrations. It is the goal that at the end of this "Microscopy of Life" course, given a real-research imaging or micro-analytical problem in biology or medicine, a successful student will be able to identify which technique is best suited to answer a variety of biological or physiological questions. The course is designed to be a lead-in for more advanced imaging subject matter courses at the UW such as “BME 601-Special Topics in Biological Microscopy”, “Med Phys 530-Medical Imaging Systems” and “Med Phys 471-Multimodality Molecular Imaging in Living Subjects”.

Course Prerequisites:

There are no prerequisites for this course though introductory biology and physics courses are recommended. Please ask the instructors if any questions or concerns.

Course Logistics:

Labs meet in different locations across campus. The exact location and time is announced on this webpage and announced in class in previous lecture. The Lab schedule will be between 5pm and 7pm on Wednesdays. Slides for each lecture will be made available for further review on Learn@UW. There is no textbook.

Course Evaluation:

A) Paper critiques: 25%
1-2 page summary and critique on papers related to current lecture material (assigned by the instructor) will be required three times during the semester.

B) Attendance: 25%
Attendance at labs and lectures is mandatory. There can be one unexcused absence, after that each absence will result in half grade point per class missed. Attendance will be taken.

C) Final paper: 50%
The term paper is in lieu of a final exam. The format of the paper will be that of a review article for a journal that is dedicated to a topic related to course materials. Representative journals will be provided.


Class Picture from 2011:

MicroscopeofLife2011: Microscopy of Life Class, December 15th 2011MicroscopeofLife2011: Microscopy of Life Class, December 15th 2011


Fall 2013 Schedule: See below/attached


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