UW Microscopy Museum

At the LOCI facility is the UW Microscopy Museum which is a collection of approximately eighty microscopes and other optical equipment of historical and research significance. The collection is available for viewing during normal business hours. Please contact Kevin Eliceiri for additional information.

2. Bausch & Lomb circa 1915, Compound microscope constructed of brass with a japanned iron base



13. Wollensak-Rochester circa 1930, 150X, second company to branch from Bausch & Lomb


14. K Line circa 1975, 75X, Sears Roebuck toy mircoscope, battery operated



17. Bausch & Lomb circa 1903, Monocular Dissection Microscope, botanical style instrument based on Joseph Zentmayer design



19. Brass and glass magnifier, Unknown company, London



47. Bausch & Lomb circa 1897, Continental model with horseshoe foot and handle. Bausch & Lomb Optical Co, Rochester, NY