OWS Multiphoton More Information


The OWS is unique due to its array of excitation sources.  A custom galvanometer scanning mount with two paris of scanners was constructed to handle the excitation sources.  The primary path uses a Spectra Physics Mai Tai DeepSee laser tunable over a range of approximately 750-900 nm. 

A second excitation path contains an Amplitude Systems T-Pulse fixed wavelenth laser that operates at approximately 1027 nm.  This excitation path is especially useful for excitation of longer wavelenth fluorophores, such as mCherry. 

A third excitation path contains an LSI VSL 337ND nitrogen laser.  This laser can be used for optical manipulation experiments such as trapping or ablation.

In addition to the excitation sources, there are two detectors on the OWS.  The fluorescence detector is a Hamamatsu H7422 capable of both intensity and lifetime measurements.  Additionally, a BioRad MRC-1024 photodiode transmission detector allows for pseudo brightfield imaging.

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