There are several mailings lists available for discussing LOCI and OME software. For questions and comments not related to software, use our contact form. See below for information on the general LOCI Software list.

Community Guidelines

Please send only one email, to the most appropriate mailing list:

  • LOCI Software – questions about LOCI software (not ImageJ or Bio-Formats; see below for those)
  • ImageJ – questions about ImageJ and Fiji (see also ImageJ's Help page)
  • OME Users - for user discussions and support of OME software, including Bio-Formats (which is a joint collaboration between LOCI and the other members of the OME consortium)
  • OME Developers - for developer discussions and developer support of OME software, including Bio-Formats

Do not email individual developers. The addresses above include the appropriate people and you will be more likely to reach someone who knows the answer.