Employment Opportunities

Please contact LOCI Director Kevin Eliceiri for any general LOCI employment inquiries.  

The Computational Optics group at LOCI has a opening for two postdoctoral researchers to develop new forms of imaging and optical sensing. This position requires a postdoctral candidate with strong optica instrumentationl and computational skills. Our work covers many subject areas including optical systems design, ultra fast optics, electronics, computer vision, and computational photography. We are working in international collaborations with research groups in the fields of remote sensing, space exploration, biomedicine, and detector design. 

We are developing fundamentally new imaging methods based on measuring photon time of flight that allow us to see around corners, image through scattering materials and perform super resolution remote imaging. Relevant skills for these positions are experience with optical systems, optical alignment and ultra fast optics, experience with digital and analog electronics and microcontrollers, as well as programming experience in Matlab, C++, and comparable languages. We are also looking for individuals with computer science training and experience with computer vision, computational photography, signal processing, optimization, computer graphics and rendering.

Please contact the research leader of computational optics, Andreas Velten (velten@wisc.edu) if interested.