What system specifications do you recommend to run VisBio?

For the best performance, a fast CPU is needed—at least 1 GHz for Macintosh, or 2 GHz for Windows and Linux machines. VisBio can run on slower machines, but some features may seem sluggish, particularly animation. Since VisBio is written in Java, and Java is rather slow on the Mac, we recommend a strong system if you are running Mac OS X—a G5 will perform much better than an older G4.

When I load Openlab LIFF data, it looks wrong. What's going on?

Some of the color Openlab datasets we have encountered store images in a rather interesting fashion. First, there are three single-channel images in a row—a red channel, a green channel, and a blue channel—each with values ranging from 0 to 4,095. This data is probably the originally collected data, stored in full 12-bit depth (for a total of 36 bits per image).