Bock Prairie Laser Scanning Confocal

Prairie Technologies
Name/Model #
Bock Prairie Laser Scanning Confocal
Three-Channel Laser Scanning Confocal Fluorescence, Photoactivation/Uncaging, Brightfield
427A Bock Laboratories, 1525 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706

This three-channel laser scanning confocal is designed on a Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted microscope as a modular system based on a core galvanometer imaging module. Researchers can customize their experiments with an automated 9-pinhole aperture (pinhole size ranging from 30 mm – 2000 mm), filter wheels for each of the three detection channels, and 4-position automated dichroic holders. This system has a photoactivation module along with uncaging/photoactivation optics for simultaneous imaging and photoactivation/uncaging experiments. The motorized stage allows for the automated collection of data at multiple sample locations. This confocal is also capable of reflectance confocal imaging with the 515 nm laser.

5 Class IIIB Lasers: Enclosed imaging system, no goggles needed. 

Scientists and Staff

Julie Last

Julie Last has appointments at LOCI and the Materials Science Center (MSC) in the College of Engineering.  She oversees collaborations with the Bruker Opterra Swept Field and 3-Channel confocals and is also involved in the OpenSPIM project. At the MSC, she manages the BioAFM, the Andor Spinning Disk Confocal and the Hysitron Nanoindenter.