Spectral Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

Name/Model #
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM), Multiphoton Laser Scanning Fluorescence, Brightfield
Animal Sciences, 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706

Spectral lifetime imaging microscopy (SLIM) simultaneously measures fluorescence lifetime and spectra for intrinsic and extrinsic fluorophores. SLIM is fitted on a Nikon Eclipse TE2000U base.  An excitation laser is tunable from approximately 700-980 nm.   The Hamamatsu H7422 gathers traditional multiphoton intensity images and fluorescent lifetime data.  The Hamamatsu MCP is an extremely sensitive detector used for fluorescent lifetime imaging.  The system also contains a galvanometer scanning system from Cambridge Technologies.

Class IV Laser: Safety goggles with specifications 710-780 DIR L5 800-1070 nm DIR L7 for SLIM are located to the left of the door at eye level on a hook when you walk in. SLIM uses a Class IV Coherent Chameleon Ultra II (SN#GDP-0.1093390.8399) Ti:Sapph pulsed laser and a Class IV Coherent Verdi (SN#SDP.0.1133542.10145) 18W diode-pumped solid-state CW laser.