Zeiss Inverted Tissue Culture Fluorescence Microscope

Name/Model #
Axiovert 25
Inverted Tissue Culture Fluorescence, Brightfield
Room 168

Zeiss Axiovert 25 CFL inverted light microscope for routine analyses of cell and tissue cultures in transmitted and fluorescent reflected light.


 The fluorescence setup has the following filter sets:


FL Filter Set 02, --example fluorophore DAPI

Zeiss filter set 02 excites at 365 nm. and allows emission at 420 nm.

FL Filter Set 09, --example fluorophore GFP

Zeiss filter set 09 excites between 450-490 nm. and allows emission at 515 nm.

FL Filter Set 15, --example fluorophore Rhodamine

Zeiss filter set 15 excites at 546/12 nm. and allows emission at 590 nm.

The scope is also equipped with a Object Marker w/Felt Tip W0.8