Announcing 2019's Hans Ris Seminar Speaker: Davi Bock

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Talk Title: Mapping of memory circuits using whole-brain electron microscopy, Associate Professor Neuroscience, University of Vermont

When: 3:00 PM, Oct 30th

Where: Discover Forum, WID

*****Reception from 4:00-5:30 PM to follow*****

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Hans Ris Seminar


Professor Hans Ris (1914-2004) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1949-2004)
Director of IMR and LOCI (1984-2004)
Founder of American Society of Cell Biology 1960
National Academy of Sciences 1974
E.B. Wilson Award 1993

The Hans Ris Seminar Series honors American cytologist and pioneer electron microscopist Dr. Hans Ris (1914-2004), Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Integrated Microscopy Resource (IMR) from 1969 until 1984.  Ris oversaw the installation of one of the nation's first high-voltage electron microscopes while at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The microscope was housed at LOCI, formerly the High Voltage Electron Microscope Facility. Ris's studies of chromosome structure revealed the importance of non-histone proteins, and alongside colleague Lynn Margulis, Ris was one of the first to recognize that blue-green algae were a type of bacteria. Ris was a founding member of the American Society of Cell Biology and received the Distinguished Scientist Award by the Microscopy Society of America in 1983. Ris remained Emeritus Investigator of the IMR until his death in 2004, and is remembered for the integrity of his scientific career by his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his dedication as a husband and father by his family.

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Davi Bock studies how the activity of neuronal circuits relates to the anatomical "wiring" diagram of the neurons comprising the circuitry. Following physiological characterization of a set of neurons, multi-terabyte electron microscopy image volumes containing the characterized neurons are generated using high-throughput electron microscopy of serial thin sections. Connectivity between neurons is established by tracing the axons, dendrites, and synapses through the imaged volume, and patterns of connectivity are compared to the functional properties of the neurons in the circuit. In this way, the relationship between how neuronal circuits process information and how their constituent neurons are connected to one another can be explored.

Davi Bock has worked at HHMI's central Janelia Campus as a visiting scientist and group leader, and is now a research professor at the University of Vermont's College of Medicine.