LOCI's μManager 2.0 Receives Support from CZI

Publish Date

LOCI is excited to announce funding from the Chan-Zuckerberg Institute to continue development on our in-house image acquisition software μManager. Funding will provide resources to improve functionality and increase the user base of the program, as well as integrate the μManager platform with LOCI's popular ImageJ image analysis software. Leads on the project will be LOCI's Mark Tsuchida and Bing Dai under principal investigator Kevin Eliceiri with collaboration from Nico Stuurman, University of California - San Francisco.

CZI's Open Source Software Initiative seeks to provide funding to projects in the support of modern scientific research. This year, 32 proposals representing 42 software projects were granted funding.

Find additional details about μManager and CZI here: https://news.wisc.edu/professor-will-make-workhorse-microscope-more-powerful/