Jayne Squirrell

PhD. in Reproductive Physiology
Lewisham, England
Career Interests
Academy research and teaching
I am a LOCI senior scientist with a background in advanced imaging, developmental biology and stem cell biology. At LOCI I collaborate with University of Wisconsin-Madison investigators in the application of novel optical and computational tools to a variety of biological problems.  One of my projects is a collaboration with Anna Huttenlocher's laboratory that involves studying changes in collagen organization during wound healing in the zebrafish model.  For this project, we collaborate with LOCI scientist Yuming Liu to quantify changes in fiber width with  CTFire and with the Morgridge Medical Engineering Fab Lab to engineer an imaging holder for zebrafish wound models.   Another project is working with LOCI scientist Julie Last to develop protocols for selective plane illumination microscopy (SPIM) for projects with the Huttenlocher Lab and to help advance some instrumentation goals as part of LOCI's role in the OpenSPIM.org project.  I also collaborate with Dr. Hirak Basu and Dr. David Beebe on a project to use fluorescence lifetime imaging for metabolic analysis in engineered prostate cancer models.