Jeremy Bredfeldt

Research Assistant
PhD Medical Physics
Glen Ellyn, IL.
Career Interests
Image Based Biomarkers, Clinical Medical Physics


I am currently a clinical medical physics resident in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor, MI.

As a LOCI resident, I built optical and computational technologies for image-based biomarker development. Image-based biomarkers use information gathered from images to predict patient outcome or treatment response. I was investigating techniques for quantifying extracellular matrix morphology and correlating these features with patient outcome. In the future, our techniques have the potential to help clinicians choose most effective treatments and monitor treatment response to ensure maximum patient benefit.


My projects at LOCI include:

CAMM (Compact Automated Multiphoton Microscope) - A multimodality non-linear laser scanning microscope for automated, molecular-contrast, whole slide scanning of pathology slides

SETI (Sequential Erosive Tissue Imaging) - A low cost, 3D fluorescence imaging microscopy system, capable of isotropic 3 micron resolution over 2 cm3 fields of view

eTACS (Electronic Tumor Associated Collagen Signitures) - Computer vision software platform for automating the task of scoring the metastatic potential of cancer tissue images

CurveAlign - A software tool for analyzing collagen angles with respect to eachother and to tissue boundaries

CT-FIRE (Curvelet Transform Fiber Extraction) - A software tool for object recognition in collagen fiber tissue images