BME Seminar: Austin Roorda

Austin Roorda received his Ph.D from the University of Waterloo in 1996 with joint degrees in Vision Science & Physics. Since that time, Dr.

Event Date
September 23, 2019 12:00pm
Tong Auditorium, 1003 Engineeering Centers Building

Talk Title: "Hacking the Human Visual System"

Humans infer the luminance and color across a scene based on how the image of that scene excites the S, M and L cones on their retina. If we could hack the photoreceptor cells directly and control each individual cell’s output signal over space and time, could we elicit identical visual experiences? Systems that combine adaptive optics, high-speed tracking, and precise aberration-corrected stimulus delivery allow us to do just that. I will describe our most recent system, its capabilities and applications. Specifically, I will focus on our most recent color vision studies, where we deliver carefully controlled micro-doses of green light stimulation to each cone across a field and are able to elicit visual percepts that span a spectrum of different colors. The technology facilitates a host of new opportunities for understanding vision. For example, if we drove retinal sensory outputs in a dichromat that are consistent with trichromatic vision, would they experience trichromatic vision? If we drove sensory inputs in a trichromat that went beyond what natural scenes could produce, could we elicit color sensations never before experienced?