May 16 - The Applications of Imaging Mass Spectrometry: Unravelling Complexity - Dr. Ron Heeren

Event Date
May 16, 2018 1:00pm
Room 1315 Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Ron Heeren from Maastricht University (Netherlands) will deliver TWO lectures in Department of Chemistry on Tuesday May 15 at 3:30 PM and Wednesday May 16 at 1 PM in Room 1315 Chemistry.  Dr. Heeren is an internationally recognized leader and pioneer in imaging mass spectrometry. His academic research interests are mass spectrometry based personalized medicine, translational molecular imaging research, high-throughput bioinformatics and the development and validation of new mass spectrometry based proteomic imaging techniques for the life sciences. Dr. Heeren is currently the scientific director of M4I, the Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging Institute and heads the division of imaging MS. He has a great vision for collaboration between physicists, engineers, pharmacy, imaging and the medical fields and brings together methods such as MALDI, SIMS, optical methods and cryo TEM to solve real world problems with cancer surgery, drug efficacy, etc.  You can find more information about Dr. Heeren’s research at this web site.