Nov. 8: LOCI Collaborators Seminar: Nick Gahm

Event Date
November 08, 2018 11:00am
274 Animal Sciences

Title: Sequential Tissue Erosion Imaging for Thick Fluorescent Biological Samples (N. Gahm)

A novel low-cost system is presented for coupling physical and optical sectioning for deep imaging into thick fluorescent biological samples. A standard upright fluorescence optical setup with a digital light projector as the light source is used to achieve optical sectioning through structured illumination. This is used to image the top surface of the sample before it is physically sectioned via a mill which erodes away the top surface of the sample. This process is repeated for the whole sample to generate a volumetric data set. The capacities of this system are demonstrated on fluorescent beads and GFP labelled mouse mammary tumors. This approach overcomes depth limitations of standard optical imaging without resorting to  more expensive optical sectioning regimens such as confocal and multiphoton imaging.