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Jar2Lib is a command line tool for generating C++ wrapper libraries around Java JAR files. It exposes the entire public Java API of the JAR in the corresponding C++ shared library, delegating to Java via JNI. The wrapping is performed using Jace.

We use Jar2Lib to generate the BF-CPP bindings for Bio-Formats, which we use in our WiscScan acquisition software.

Historical note: Jar2Lib was originally developed to integrate Bio-Formats with the Insight Toolkit, for use with the FARSIGHT project. However, we now have an dedicated inter-process solution for ITK integration instead which is easier to build from source, since it has no compile-time dependencies. Nonetheless, BF-CPP is still the recommended in-process solution for Bio-Formats native code integration.


We recommend using Jar2Lib via the cppwrap-maven-plugin; see "Installation and usage" below.

If you prefer to use Jar2Lib directly from the command line outside Maven:

  1. Download the JARs linked above, as well as Apache Velocity 1.7 and its dependencies.
  2. With all necessary JARs in your current working directory, you can run Jar2Lib on the command line as follows:
$ java -cp '*' loci.jar2lib.Jar2Lib
Usage: java loci.jar2lib.Jar2Lib projectId projectName
  library.jar [library2.jar ...]
  [-conflicts conflicts.txt] [-header header.txt]
  [-extras cmake_extras.txt] [-output /path/to/output-project]
  [-core java_core_classes.txt
Installation and Usage

The easiest way to use Jar2Lib is via our cppwrap Maven plugin, which takes advantage of the Maven plug-in infrastructure to easily convert a Java library to C++ using Jar2Lib, without requiring any knowledge of Jar2Lib's workings or syntax. For example, it circumvents any need to download transitive dependencies.