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As part of the development of ImageJ2, we are reworking VisBio as a collection of ImageJ plugins. There is an initial version of one such plugin, VisBio Ortho Stack, available as part of the LOCI Fiji plugins.

VisBio Ortho Stack

The VisBio Ortho Stack plugin is a simple 3D visualization plugin for Fiji that displays a stack of image planes in a parallel or perspective projection. It provides user interface shortcuts for commonly desired operations, including controlling the distance between slices, rotating and zooming the 3D view, and saving a snapshot of the current image to a file. The Ortho Stack plugin uses the VisAD library for interactive and collaborative visualization and analysis of numerical data.

Installation and Usage


Install the LOCI Fiji plugins into your Fiji installation to gain access to the VisBio Fiji plugins.

Using the VisBio Ortho Stack plugin

  1. Open your data as a regular image stack.
  2. Choose Plugins > VisBio > Ortho Stack.

It will take a few moments to pop up the display. You can use the sliders to control the orientation of the 3D view, and toggle between parallel and perspective projection using the "Parallel projection" checkbox. If you want to rotate the display in other ways, you can drag with the mouse, using shift + drag for zoom, and ctrl + drag for pan. You can make the display larger by resizing the window.