We have a bug report system used to keep track of all the bugs. Most active users of the OWS have a username and password to the Bug report system. If you don't have an account and wish to report a bug, please send an email to wiscscan@loci.wisc.edu

Please report any bug that you encounter to the TRAC system.

1. The above link takes you to the New Ticket page. Here you can give a detailed description of your bug.

2. Whenever possible, include a screenshot of the error message encountered. You can do this by using clicking the Print Screen button on the keyboard and pasting it into MS Paint. Save this file and attach it to the ticket.

3. Mention all the parameters that you used for imaging. For ex., If you were doing a 4D Acquisition and WiscScan crashed in the middle of an acquisition, please mention the Z-top, Z-bottom, Z-step, Z-section, Cycle time and the X-Y Template that was used (if any). This helps to simulate the same conditions that caused the crashed.

4. Once you fill all the fields, click on "Create Ticket" to create the ticket. An e-mail is sent to the creator of the ticket and the Developer. 

The bugs are fixed regularly and the user is notified of the fix. Reporting bugs is an important step toward making WiscScan a robust and stable system.