This page describes LOCI’s role in developing ImageJ and ImageJ2. For the main website, see:


ImageJ2 is a new version of ImageJ for the next generation of multidimensional image data. It improves upon ImageJ’s core design, enabling support for N-dimensional image data beyond 5D, from sources beyond just hard disks, additional pixel types, more flexible visualization, more modular analysis, and headless capabilities for automated server-side image processing.

LOCI spearheaded the ImageJ2 redesign of ImageJ, originally called ImageJDev, in late 2009 via a grant proposal to NIH. This “Grand Opportunities” grant funded ImageJDev for the first two years of its development. Since then, LOCI has continued to develop ImageJ2 in partnership with several other institutions.

For full details on ImageJ, see the ImageJ web site.

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