Introduction to FIJI & Scripting with Fiji

Introductory FIJI workshops hosted by LOCI’s Ellen TA Dobson. A good starting point for those new to FIJI and ImageJ’s software package.

ImageJ Scripting Parameters 1 & ImageJ Scripting Parameters 2

Additional tutorials on ImageJ/FIJI scripting led by Curtis Rueden

Instrument Tutorials

LINK System Tutorials

This playlist contains three explanatory videos covering the LINK system’s capabilities for OCT, SHG, and EBS.

Ultima System Tutorials

This playlist contains general user guides for operation of our Ultima system.

Microscopy Principles

Second Harmonic Generation

This playlist contains several videos curated for all expertise levels, describing Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), a multiphoton microscopy technique.

Confocal Microscopy

Playlist with videos covering the principals of Confocal Microscopy

Educational Interests and Programs


This playlist contains several recorded seminars hosted by LOCI from years past.

History of the Light Microscope

A slideshow covering Microscopes from the first recorded lens dating to the mid 700s BCE to modern light capture systems.

Microscopy Museum at LOCI

Sample specimens from our collection of 100+ microscopes.

Exploratorium: Traits of Life

Details on the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA.