LOCI started collaborating with the Fiji project in 2008 as part of the Bio-Formats effort, to make use of Fiji's excellent distribution mechanism for ImageJ plugins. In 2010, when LOCI launched the ImageJ2 development effort, our participation in the Fiji community increased further, with Curtis Rueden attending the EMBL Heidelberg hackathon in March of 2010. In September of 2011, Johannes Schindelin joined LOCI as a visiting scientist, to work on Fiji and ImageJ2 full time. Since then, we have had several more hackathons to push Fiji's development forward, and several non-life-sciences-specific software components of Fiji have migrated into the ImageJ2 core project, including the Updater and Launcher. For more details on the Fiji-ImageJ2 collaboration, see the ImageJ2 and Fiji recent milestones blog post on the ImageJ web site. For a history of the Fiji project from the beginning, see Johannes's narrative on the ImageJ web site.