Curtis Rueden

Position title: Software Architect


Institution: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Education & Training: M.S. in Computer Sciences
Career Interests: Software engineering, interoperability, visualization

Curtis directs LOCI’s software development efforts, seeking to integrate many tools for the analysis and visualization of multidimensional biological image data. He is the project lead for ImageJ2, current maintainer of Fiji, founder and co-project lead of SCIFIO, co-founder of the Bio-Formats project, long-time contributor to the OME-XML standard, and creator of the OME-TIFF file format. He has written several other software packages including VisBio and SLIM Plotter—the ideas from both of which are being incorporated into the next-generation version of ImageJ. Before joining LOCI, Curtis was a developer on the VisAD Java Component Library Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.